Authority and Responsibility

“Phuket Provincial Education office hold responsibility to promote, support and integrate education in every level, every category in Phuket; co-ordinate religion, art, culture and sport for education along with preparing Phuket education development plan and are responsible for administrative work, educational information, teacher Council, direct and take care of private school under the authority of the Phuket Provincial Education Committee”.

  1. Responsible for administrative work of the Phuket Provincial Education Committee and Phuket Provincial Education Sub-Committee, the Subcommittee on Strategic Public Administration, the Subcommittee on Educational Development, the Sub-Committees and Working Groups as well as performing official duties in accordance with the powers and duties of the Phuket Provincial Education Committee and as assigned by the Phuket Provincial Education Committee.
  2. Prepare education development plans and action plans.
  3. Command, supervise, accelerate, monitor and evaluate the performance of government agencies or institutions and educational institutions under the Ministry of Education according to the policies of the Ministry of Education.
  4. Organize, promote and coordinate networks of information and digital technology for education.
  5. Promote and support education for people with disabilities, disadvantaged people and people with special abilities.
  6. Implement the personnel management of government officials, teachers and educational personnel.
  7. Promote, support and carry out academic works, supervision and guidance for all levels and types of education as well as monitor and evaluate the administration and education management system.
  8. Perform audits on administration, finance and accounting of government agencies or agencies and educational institutions under the Ministry of Education.
  9. Promote and coordinate religion, arts, culture and sports for education.
  10. Promote, support and operate on private education management.
  11. Perform tasks according to the policy or designation of the Ministry of Education, including tasks related to the general government of the Ministry of Education and coordinate all aspects of the province.